Trinity Yoga by Jodi

Yoga for all.....body, mind & breath

Jodi's Journey to Yoga
From early on, I have been interested in movement and activities of all forms that helped me to feel fit and healthy.  Over the years I've enjoyed activities from aerobics and weight lifting, rock climbing and hiking, to biking, running and swimming.  All of which gave me the physical and mental lift I was seeking, but not without pain.  You know the old adage "no pain, no gain"?  I believed it and kept on with the pursuit.  Since discovering yoga more than a decade ago, I have experienced its many benefits, most immediate with relief from chronic neck and back pain, but also more significantly those of a mental, emotional and spiritual nature.

As a Finance and IT professional, I sat at a desk all day working at my computer, carried luggage through airports and sat in uncomfortable plane seats on frequent business trips.  All very common issues of working professionals today.  Along with the everyday stress, my working conditions were a significant contributor to my chronic neck and back issues. My experience with yoga has helped in many ways to relieve my pain.  The physical practice helps to keep my body strong, flexible and aligned, while the pranayama (breath practice), centering and philosophical sides helped me gain the tools to reduce my stress and its impact on me.  
“Through yoga and continued practice, I've been able to create balance in all aspects of my life.  This is what I believe yoga can do for everyone if they open up and let it in; one pose and one breath at a time.”
Jodi's Training and on-going Learning
Jodi Barry is the creator of Trinity Yoga and is passionate about yoga  and sharing her passion with others.  She is a Yoga Alliance RYT-500 and a graduate of Brentwood Yoga Center's Advanced studies program with Sandy Carmellini and Kate Coughlin.  These studies included philosophy, anatomy, technique, proper alignment, and sequencing.  Jodi recently completed an advanced 800hr Yoga Therapy Program at Niroga Institute in Oakland and is a registered C-IAYT through the International Association of Yoga Therapists.  This advanced training took a deeper look at special conditions of the body such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, chronic stress and anxiety and much more, and how a therapeutic approach to yoga can help individuals to improve their quality of life. 
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